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Melle Dotinga
I have made quite some information films, for which I wrote the scenarios and lead the shooting, editing and video/audio post-production. For low-budget TV commercials I sometimes work as a director. I write screenplays with co-writer Marcel Snyders. A first short film - PECH (Stuck) - is ready and has screened at festivals in Strasbourg, Marbella, Hollywood, Italy (Brindisi / Salento), Mexico (Oaxaca) and South Africa (Swaziland) and New York. We are working on new scripts. With d.o.p. Jaap Stahlie I made a short movie, based on a poem I wrote, about asylum seekers in Amsterdam. More info (in dutch) and films are on my website.


Academie voor Expressie (79-83), diverse theaterproducties (83-91), copywriter en creative director (89-heden), vanaf 2000 zelfstandig.


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